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Excerpt from Beige Black And White Living Room Ideas :

Beige Black And White Living Room Ideas. Still about the design of the living room with beige, but this time we will add black and white in our design. For the walls of the living room is still the same beige and gray. Likewise with the curtains still use beige and gray. What we change is the use of furniture and decoration.

Sectional Sofa & Armchair.

For this sectional sofa we use white from Avalon, combined with white La Brea Studded Armchair and white Huan Metal Linen Stool from Kathy Kuo. Besides the armchair there is a black Dorset Stoll from Serena & Lily ready to pamper your feet when you want to relax on the armchair.


Between the sofa and armchair was placed a dark brown Messina Round End Table from Brownstone. Black table lamp with white shade from Nicholas placed above the end table. For Coffee table, Messina Round Coffee Table is selected from Brownstone which is also dark brown. And on top of it is placed a series of white roses in a white porcelen vase.

Gallery of Beige Black And White Living Room Ideas

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