Seen a white cabinet from Havsta that is open the door. Various kinds of glassware are arranged neatly on the top shelf and middle shelf. On the top shelf, there is a white porcelain teapot with a bowl of white porcelain and also a few small plates of porcelain.

In the middle of the rack neatly arranged 2 piles of dinner plates made of porcelain. On both levels the shelves have a room that is still spacious which can be used for other items but please remember not to place items that are overweight. Place items that have the heavyweight at the bottom of the rack, that’s where the safest place for heavy items. As in the picture, a stack of magazine collections placed in a wooden box occupies the bottom shelf.

Excerpt from The Latest Trend In Havsta Cabinet Departments :

  1. Havsta design by IKEA Sweden one of the biggest retailers in Europe, also the price is not too expensive for a premium product.
  2. Made of solid pine wood from sustainable sources and also done by skilled craftsmen with fine details. In addition, the brushed surface of the cabinet gives a genuine feeling, a sturdy shape, a look that is timeless and will age but still looks elegant.
  3. You can use one unit only or more, to get more storage capacity solution if your needs are getting bigger. The height of this furniture allows the top surface to be used as a display showcase. To get storage capacity as needed, this cabinet has 3 shelves that we can adjust.
  4. The door closes quietly, gently and softly thanks to the door hinges that used to function as integrated soft-closing. The cabinet surface is durable and very easy to clean from sticking dust. Scandinavian designs that are thick with simple clean lines make it no difficult to combine this cabinets with other furniture that has a different style.

Gallery of The Latest Trend In Havsta Cabinet Departments

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